hosting services

Our pricing structure is very competitive and charged at an annual rate. Once your site has been built your only on going costs will be your annual hosting fee and the renewal of your domain name when required. click here

  • vision8 offers hosting packages and technical support to all our clients.
  • we will advise you on the package that would best suit your requirements
  • set up your account and provide you with on going technical support
  • domain name registration is also offered by vision8 and again at very competitive pricing
  • email accounts are available with every hosting  package if required along with technical support
  • our team will also advise you and provide spam protection.

We suggest you register your domains with vision8 as it makes management of your website more efficient. You own your domain name, we simply manage it, including notifying you when renewal is due.
Remember you own your site once completed and paid for, we will host it and manage it.


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