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Picture a balmy, sub-tropical summer’s day. Your friends are over for a barbeque, there’s a gentle breeze and your champagne is chilling in the fridge. The neighbour’s toddler is running around and the kids are in the pool. You’re feeling relaxed, and content.

The older children are good swimmers. The younger ones are safe – they can’t get into the pool area, or climb off the deck, even if they tried. Your home looks beautiful – just the way you imagined it would ...

Thanks to Sentrel, you can rest easy knowing your children are safe. Our award-winning and unique Pool Fencing is the ideal solution for your needs ... safe, affordable and absolutely stunning! (Well, we are a bit biased!) ...

Seriously. Until now, choices for landscape design around your pool were limited. Metal fencing left a lot to be desired (a whole lot ...) and glass fencing, whilst looking swank, restricted breezes and showed marks from every splash. Let’s face it; you didn’t get a pool to have to spend your weekends cleaning!

At last! Sentrel Vertical Cable Pool Fencing is the remarkable new pool fencing solution which is safe, reliable and gorgeous, guaranteed to comply with the latest Australian Standards for Pool Fencing. Previously, cable wire balustrade was unsuitable for swimming pool areas; the ladder-effect of the stainless wire enabled children to climb the cables and risk drowning. Sentrel’s new Vertical Cable system has pioneered the entry of sleek timber and cable fencing into the design of swimming pool areas.

The exciting addition of Pool Fencing panels to the Sentrel Vertical Cable Balustrade range enables a seamless transition from deck and balcony areas, to the pool and entertaining areas, retaining a stylish and co-ordinated look. Sentrel’s stunning timber and vertical cable balustrade offers an improved and affordable alternative - safety and sophistication meet in a contemporary, warm and enduring product which appeals to designers and home owners alike. Our innovative products have heralded a breakthrough in outdoor landscape design.

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